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Large Energy Corporations

Excess energy should simply not be allowed to evaporate - regardless of whether it is water, wind, solar or conventional energy. Find out more about how our solutions can help you maximize your yield.

Heavy Computing Businesses

Complicated simulations, mathematical calculations or Big Data evaluations require a lot of computing power. Purchasing it yourself as hardware ties up a lot of capital. Learn how to stay flexible with us.

Blockchain Technology

As a system supplier and our own blockchain operation, we can offer you everything from a single computing unit, the rental of entire blockchain rigs to extensive system maintenance within your own company's installations.

Private Energy suppliers

It does not matter if you have a few solar panels on your roof or a few thousand, we will find a solution that can help you make your private solar, wind, hydro, etc. farm more profitable in times when selling the energy is not profitable.

AI ML and Mining are joining forces

Imagine that your hardware is working at full load. No expensive capacities are wasted. If you do not use your hardware for rendering, deep learning or calculations, it will automatically profitably mine crypto currencies. Comprehensive management from a single interface, fully integrated and always available to you. We show you how to maximize your computing potential and market it profitably.

Turn your power into a versatile asset?

The return of solar power plants, hydropower plants and other generation technologies depends crucially on the electricity prices on the energy market. We give you the opportunity to develop new business opportunities and generate attractive capacity in areas such as blockchain technology, rendering and machine learning. For yourself or interested market participants.

Proprietary hardware and software

We designed our proprietary hardware in cooperation with leaders in the computing industry. Ensuring that you receive the highest quality at the best price-point. The hardware is designed to be interchangeable, durable and reliable and has been developed to work seamlessly with our software.

Our valued system partners

We work closely with the best experts in their fields in order to be able to offer our customers tailor-made yet flexibly scalable solutions at the highest level.

Our valued partners

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